Nexus Mutual

tlm 2020, Insurance

Nexus Mutual is now using Chainlink’s price reference data contracts for decentralized valuations of the multi-currency capital pool We’re excited to announce that Nexus Mutual will be using Chainlink’s decentralized oracle networks to bring transparent and accurate on-chain valuations to its multi-currency capital pool. This allows Nexus Mutual to perform daily on-chain updates and rebalances of its minimum capital requirement …

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tlm 2020, Insurance

Etherisc to Leverage Chainlink Oracles For Decentralized Flight Insurance Product Parametric insurance built on top of decentralized infrastructure is one of the most exciting frontiers of innovation in the insurance industry. Not only does this insurance model foster new product designs and increase market participation, but it redefines underlying trust dynamics between insurance providers and policyholders. Etherisc continues to push …