Value DeFi

tlm 2021, DeFi

We have been working with @Polkadot and @MoonbeamNetwork to introduce the first cross-chain synthetic tokens: vUSD, vBTC and vDOT, using seigniorage concept with innovative improvements and @chainlink  oracle services for accurate price feeds.


tlm 2021, Data Provider, Node Operator

TraderMade to Launch a Chainlink Oracle Node to Sell Signed Forex Data into Blockchain Markets Blockchain markets have seen tremendous growth the past year due to the rapid developments happening in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), a parallel financial ecosystem of blockchain protocols/smart contract applications that allow anyone with an Internet connection to develop and purchase financial products without trusted intermediaries. As …


tlm 2021, DeFi, NFT, VRF

Poolz Integrates Chainlink VRF on Mainnet for Fair and Unbiased Whitelisting of Investors We have always aimed for Poolz to be the frontrunner in decentralizing how every process from pre-listing liquidity auctions to project management is carried out. In a bid to strengthen our decentralization initiatives, we have successfully integrated on mainnet with the market-leading oracle network Chainlink in order …

Transmute Protocol

tlm 2021, Gaming, VRF

Transmute Protocol Deploys Chainlink VRF on the Ethereum Mainnet in a Unique Suite of On-Chain Alchemy Games In the works since mid-2020, the Transmute Protocol found exactly what it was lacking in the newly released Chainlink VRF randomness solution. Chainlink VRF is used on the Transmute DeFi platform to power the trustless, provably fair (and readily auditable) alchemy-themed games of chance. …


tlm 2021, DeFi

Paxos Adopts Chainlink Oracles to Further Adoption of PAX and PAXG in DeFi We are proud to announce that Paxos, the leading financial market infrastructure and crypto brokerage platform, is now working with Chainlink to leverage its market-leading decentralized oracle network. This will boost the adoption of the USD-backed stablecoin Paxos Standard (PAX) and the gold-backed token PAX Gold (PAXG) within the Decentralized …

Neutrino Protocol

tlm 2021, DeFi, Proof of Reserve

Neutrino will integrate Chainlink Proof-of-Reserve The collaboration will lead to improved security and robustness of cross-chain bridges between Waves and Ethereum. We are eager to announce the upcoming integration between Neutrino protocol and the Chainlink Network, which serves as a crucial element for seamless transfers of Neutrino USD (USDN) and other tokens between the two blockchains. The Chainlink Proof of Reserve oracle network will …


tlm 2021, DeFi

Opyn v2 Gamma Protocol Launches Using Chainlink Oracles to Settle Options We are excited to announce that the Opyn v2 protocol is now integrated on mainnet with market-leading decentralized oracle network Chainlink to power the Opyn Oracle module. Opyn v2 protocol went live on December 29th, 2020 with a WETH-USDC options market. These options leverage the Chainlink ETH-USDC Price Feed oracle to obtain the …


tlm 2021, DeFi

NULS to Integrate Chainlink to Empower NULS/Nerve Developers to Build Next-Generation DeFi Applications NULS and Nerve are delighted to announce the planned integration of Chainlink, the market-leading decentralized oracle network, into the NULS ecosystem. NULS will use Chainlink to obtain secure and reliable market data for developing DeFi products on the Nerve Decentralized Digital Asset Service Network, as well as …


tlm 2021, DeFi

XVIX Integrates Chainlink Oracles On Mainnet to Secure Permissionless Leverage Trading Markets The XVIX project is proud to announce our integration of Chainlink Price Feed oracles into the X2 protocol to provide secure and reliable price data for fully decentralised and permissionless leverage trading. Using the market-leading Chainlink Price Feeds, the X2 protocol will be able to let anyone launch their own leverage …

Twelve Data

tlm 2021, Data Provider, Node Operator

Twelve Data to Launch Chainlink Oracle Node, Providing Origin-Signed Financial Data to Smart Contracts We are proud to announce that Twelve Data, a premium financial market data provider, will operate a Chainlink oracle node to supply smart contracts across blockchain networks with high-quality data on stocks, forex, crypto, and other financial assets. Given the rise of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem, we are …